Gas or Lack Thereof


I’ve run out of gas. Previously, I’ve spoken of blogging not being for wimps in this post. Turns out I was more right than I thought. It takes a lot of energy to post six times each week.

It also takes energy to keep going. Getting up each morning to write takes energy. Working at non-writing tasks takes energy. Housework and relationships all take energy. If a person isn’t careful, running on empty is a large possibility.

There are few things I am willing to give up so I need to work at keeping my tank full. When I speak to my clients about this I am talking about self-care. You know, taking care of yourself. Doing things just for yourself which women are loath to do. Sometimes men too.

When I talk about self care, it is more than just basic care. It is taking time to watch ‘Buffy’ reruns and taking a 20 minute bath – all alone in the bathroom, going shopping and only buying for yourself. Its getting a mani-pedi with good friends or taking in a movie, just because. Its spending alone time with your favorite book. Anything to feed yourself.

I’m usually pretty good at taking care of myself. I try not to overload any one part of my life. Even then, I’m tired. It just happens.

Its time to take care of me in any way that feels good to me. I think, for now, that is getting some sleep.

What do you do to take care of yourself and recharge?



As I typed that I broke out in song to the tune “you gotta have friends” in Donkey’s voice from the movie Shrek. Enjoyed the movie but really? Donkey’s voice?

Well, he’s right. Friends are one of the most important things a person can have. I’ve been lucky to find a fabulous group of women who have become so very important to me.

I was one of those kids who moved a lot as a child and as a young adult. Through all of those changes I made lots of friends but few of those friendships have been sustainable. Until now.

I have a group that I meet with regularly for social and spiritual needs. Many of those I work with and enjoy the more than occasional lunch. Its been a blessing and a life lesson to make and keep friends at this stage of my life.

Last year I had a difficult day. You know, one of those ‘run away from home, I’m done’ kind of days. Between work and the current remodel of my house, I’d had enough and actually did run away for the evening. I didn’t go far. As I was leaving, my brain went through my circle of friends to decide who be best to handle the overflow of emotions coming out of me. That had never happened before. I’d never had a list of people I knew I could count on in moments like that.

I am so very grateful for this group of amazing women.

Yes, I did go home, eventually. And yes, the project we’d been working on at home got finished and work settled down. Life went on.

Thanks, ladies for everything. You know who you are.

Early Mornings


Does anyone else have a love/hate relationships with early mornings? I certainly do.

There are some fabulous things about getting up earlier than the rest of the world.

I love the quiet mornings and that first cup of hot coffee. Watching the sky turn from dark to light, just waiting for the sun to peek over the horizon is the best part of the day.

I get most of my work done first thing in the morning. I’ve discovered if I don’t wake up and write, it is more difficult to get back to it later.

Of course, there is the hate side too.

You know, those mornings when the 5:00 am alarm makes you want to throw it across the room and roll over in the nice warm bed. Except that your alarm is your phone and if you were to throw it then – no more phone.

Waiting for the coffee to get done at 5:00 am is one of the most difficult things. Since I mostly make it from hand, there is no prep work the night before so as I am half asleep I am navigating my Italian coffee pot.

Sometimes the muse is still asleep at 5:00 am and Facebook calls a little too loud. The coffee helps to wake her up and my morning journal pages nudges the muse but still, she comes kicking and screaming. Those are the rough days.

Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you have a favorite time of day?