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    Birthdays are for Celebrating!

    Often times birthdays are perceived as negative. Growing older is a bad thing. We rail against aging and yet its inevitable. What is not is our attitude toward aging. There are different ways to look at birthdays. My birthday is soon and for the past several years I have used my birthday as a kind of check in with my life. A question I believe each person must ask themselves is where do I want to be next year? Year in Review When I look back over my year I try to look honestly at all areas, emotional, physical, spiritual, cognitive, and social. Sometimes these categories interchange and over lap. Sometimes…

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    The Bells

    “Don’t the bells seem loud to you this morning?” I asked the woman standing in my kitchen. “Not any different than normal.” She answered glancing toward the door. I finished mixing the herbs she wanted to relieve her headaches. I’d asked her to share a cup of tea but she declined, preferring to stand in my kitchen with her coat still on. “Same dose as before?” she asked. “Yes and might I suggest a different hiding place this time. So Harvey doesn’t find them again.” She kept her head down as she mumbled, “of course.” She handed me my fee and scurried out the door. I watched her hurry down…

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    Daily Journaling

    One of my favorite ways to wake my brain up each morning is to begin my day (after coffee, of course) is to sit down with an old school composition notebook and a fountain pen with purple ink. I light a candle, take a sip of coffee and begin. Though I don’t have a definite goal and I no longer time myself, I generally aim for three pages. It’s as if I am skimming the crud from my previous day off before beginning my creative work. I have built a ritual into my work but that isn’t necessary. If you’ve never used a journal in this way here are some…