Time for another #365 Project Update

It’s that time of the week when I share how my #365 project has been moving along. I’ve been attempting to use my camera every day, capturing moments and sharing them with the world. It hasn’t always been easy and I haven’t managed every day but I’m still plugging away.

I like the idea of sticking with a project for an entire year, especially for someone who struggles with follow thru. I tend to give up easily when something takes a lot of time. It’s just so easy to do but I’m not giving up on this one.

Here is what captured my attention this past week:


Novel in Progress
Lake in Spring #1
Lake in Spring #2
Spring! What???
Oh, there you are, Spring!

Someone asked me this week about a #365 Project and the only one I really knew about is posting photo’s online. Are there any more out there?

Here is last week’s post:

#365 Project

Project 365: Days 5-11

Project 365 continues and I am already learning lessons. This week I’ve learned that it is okay to create opportunities and to take advantage of the ones that appear before me. The following pictures represent the opportunities that came my way this week:

Writing Shed in Snow
Project 365: Day 5
A Cold Winter's sunset
Project 365: Day 6
Old School Candlemaking
Project 365: Day 7
Project 365: Day 8
Project 365: Day 8
Coffee Shop Planning
Project 365: Day 9
365 Project: Day 10
365 Project: Day 10
Be The Light!
Project 365: Day 11


So far, I am enjoying this journey and I hope that you are too.

365 Project: Day’s 1-4

As if I need another project, I started the 365 Project Photo a Day this week. I would like to improve my photography and this seemed like a good idea.

However, I need accountability or this will end hardly before it begins as I tend to “forget” about things as soon as my life gets a little busy.

The cool thing about a 365 Photo Project is that you can begin whenever you want to.

Here is my first few day of pictures:

Day 1

365 Project: Day 1


Day 2

365 Project: Day 2

Day 3

365 Project: Day 3

Day 4

365 Project: Day 4
365 Project: Day 4

I had a lot of fun with thinking about the pictures I would take each day. The next year should be so much fun.