Enough is Enough

When Enough is Enough

I’ve spent much of the past few weeks exhausted and just trying to get to the next moment.

I’ve had enough and I want to take a nap.

I’ve watched my own deadlines come and go with no follow through.


What has occupied my mind and my time? Not much, not much at all.

So I’m giving up.

I’m giving up trying to control my life.

I’m giving up mindless pursuits.

I’m giving up high expectations for myself.

Instead, I am taking back and adding some things.

I’m taking back my time by making the best choices for my life.

I’m giving myself the gift of grace.

I am also finding new ways to take care of myself.

Life becomes overwhelming so often and something has to give. Normally that is taking care of myself or the things that I need. Well, no more.

Enough is enough and I am taking back my life.

Will you join me?

Until next time,