Friday Five: Signs That Winter is Coming to a Close



With February coming to a close, we can begin to see signs of spring. Although the signs are different in different areas, this part of the world has a few of its own. The following are the ones I’ve observed recently:


  1. Commuting is now done during daylight hours. No longer do I travel country roads in the dark.
  2. Skunks are seen and smelled. Mostly this is due to wandering on the road, but generally, this critter doesn’t appear until the end of winter.
  3. The sounds of songbirds. There is nothing like the sound of a bird singing and a balmy breeze in February to make a person impatient for spring.
  4. Fluctuation in temperatures. Although this winter has had its ups and downs, the highs are higher as February draws to a close.
  5. Each snow storm that appears on the horizon is determined to be the “last one” of this winter. Of course, this is Michigan and while there are rumors of snow in July (I’ve never seen it), having snow on Mother’s Day is not far outside the realm of possibilities.

Are there any I missed? For myself, I look eagerly at each black feathered bird trying to see the red spots on the wings. Redwing blackbirds are often the first avian’s to arrive in this area, even before the more traditional Robins.

What are your favorite signs of spring?

Friday Five: February Favorites

flowers-270985_1280I’m excited about today’s Friday Five. Not only is this the shortest month of the year, it is also my birthday month. I have come to the conclusion that regardless of how old you are, any chance to have cake is a good thing.

February tends to be a busy month for me. Several members of the family have birthdays during this month, not to mention Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, I just need to stop and acknowledge the great things about this month of my birth, as if February only exists for me. Right.

Here we go:

1. Winter is half over. Officially, regardless of what the groundhog says, the halfway point of winter is February 2nd. We can all now believe that the sun will return and the white stuff will go away.

2. Purple. Those closest to me will not be surprised at this one. I love the color purple although I am a bit picky. Well, not too picky.

3. My Birthday.¬†As I wrote previously, anytime cake is involved is a good time. But I also believe in celebrations and my birthday is as good a reason as any. As an adult, I’ve taken over this day which sounds weird. I don’t wait for anyone else to decide what the celebration is going to be. I just do what I want. It’s the best thing ever since I’m not usually disappointed. And if I am, it’s my own fault. Keeps peace in the family.

4. This is my new year. I am anti-resolution as I previously posted here. However, I do believe in looking back over the last year and to see where I am going from here. At some point around my birthday, I will look over my accomplishments for my year and set some goals. These goals tend to be life goals. Sometimes I achieve these and sometimes I don’t.

5. Blogversary. I began my blog one year ago this month. This has been quite an accomplishment for someone who struggled with putting myself out there. I still do in some ways but I am closer than I was before. I plan to write and post about all the things I’ve learned in the last month so I won’t go into it here. Suffice to say, this is another favorite for me.

So there you have it, my five favorites for February. What are your favorite things about February?