Unexpected Connections


I had a unexpected connection today. An old roommate, whom I haven’t spoken to in over 25 years, tracked me down at my place of work. Apparently, this is a very small world and relatively easy to find people, if said person is addicted to social media (we won’t name names).

I believe that I was at her wedding in 1990 and outside of a weekend visit after that, we’ve had no contact. We lived together for several months and spent about a year staying connected. Then life got busy for the both of us and we drifted apart.

This picture was taken during the latter part of her wedding. I don’t remember what the drink was but it looks like I had a lot of it. I do vaguely remember having lots of fun. Ah, the memories. Or not.

Scan 5Learning about other peoples lives is fun for me but I learned something about myself. Once we understood that we’d both been married twice with no children, and that we each have a lot of years at our employment, there was little else to talk about. I realized that I don’t know how to make small talk very well.

Being a bit of an introvert makes small talk nearly painful for me. After I get to know someone, I have few problems with conversation but that initial interaction is awful. In fact, as long as I stay within my comfort circle, I show few signs of being an introvert. And I have learned a lot about how to be social over the years. Sometimes, I simply choose not to.

This talk about being an introvert can be a bit unbelievable when I have this blog that I post three times each week. But in my defense, writing a blog post is easier than having a conversation. Pushing a button to schedule a post is easy. And unless I get some comments, which I appreciate by the way, there is little in the way of conversation. This part is easy.

Face to face is more difficult for me, which again is funny because I talk to people, strangers for the most part, as a way to make a living. I can’t explain this difficulty, though it is real.

On the other hand, I guess I can accept that my friend and I didn’t have much in common then and even less now, which makes finding topics to talk about difficult to find. It is what it is.

I wonder what my life would have been like if I had made different choices at that moment. I’m not sure I’d change a thing. Well, maybe one or two but there are few regrets.

If you could, who would you like to be in touch with, regardless of how long it has been?

Unless it Moves the Human Heart

It is spring in my part of the world, though the snow I’ve found on my car for the past couple of days would beg to differ. One of the good things about snow this time of year is that I know it won’t last.

I must, grudgingly, admit that it is beautiful.

I spent some time with friends last night at a cabin on a small lake. After spending time together, I spent some time gazing at the lake.

With all of the ice gone, the lake rippled gently. Against this backdrop, the trees that lined the lake were dusted in snow. The contrast between the nearly calm lake and the snow was incredible. It reminded me again of the beauty of our world.

There are a lot of things that are ugly in this world but for that moment, it was beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture of the lake.

Instead I have this picture of some of my favorite people whom I shared that moment with:


This is one of the reasons I write. This is how I make sense of my world and the things I see. I am moved by the beauty of a snowy, spring lake, the company of friends, and the cry of a baby. These are the things that move my heart.

What things move your heart?



As I typed that I broke out in song to the tune “you gotta have friends” in Donkey’s voice from the movie Shrek. Enjoyed the movie but really? Donkey’s voice?

Well, he’s right. Friends are one of the most important things a person can have. I’ve been lucky to find a fabulous group of women who have become so very important to me.

I was one of those kids who moved a lot as a child and as a young adult. Through all of those changes I made lots of friends but few of those friendships have been sustainable. Until now.

I have a group that I meet with regularly for social and spiritual needs. Many of those I work with and enjoy the more than occasional lunch. Its been a blessing and a life lesson to make and keep friends at this stage of my life.

Last year I had a difficult day. You know, one of those ‘run away from home, I’m done’ kind of days. Between work and the current remodel of my house, I’d had enough and actually did run away for the evening. I didn’t go far. As I was leaving, my brain went through my circle of friends to decide who be best to handle the overflow of emotions coming out of me. That had never happened before. I’d never had a list of people I knew I could count on in moments like that.

I am so very grateful for this group of amazing women.

Yes, I did go home, eventually. And yes, the project we’d been working on at home got finished and work settled down. Life went on.

Thanks, ladies for everything. You know who you are.