Lazy Sundays

dandelion-698673_1280Sometimes I think Sundays are my favorite day of the week, at least until about 6:00 pm. It is then I remember that I have to work in the morning. Up until then, here are some of my favorite things about Sunday.

First of all, it’s the last day to sleep in before the normal work week begins. If you are like me and 7:30 am is sleeping in then so be it. When my normal wake up time is 5:00 then, I am sleeping in.

Unless there are plans, it’s a stay at home day for me and I try hard to not have plans. These days that means unlimited writing time. The question I often ask myself is do I really want to write or just be lazy.

Sunday is often the day I use for gearing up for the week. Organization and clean up are usually on my list of things to do … if I get to them. For the most part, I do the minimum of what must be done.

IMG_0136Probably my favorite part of Sundays is the ability to hang out a load of laundry to dry in the open air. Tonight I get to sleep on clean, sun-kissed sheets. I miss this in the middle of winter.

Though I head back to work tomorrow, I am glad I enjoyed this day. I hope you did too.