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A New Year and a New Word

The new year has arrived and I am, once again, back to deciding on a word to provide a theme for this measure of time.

Most of my long term readers know that I am quite anti-resolution. I’ve written about it previously, here and here. Usually I spend time looking back over my previous year to see what I’ve accomplished and what I need to work more on. For the past several years, I’ve chosen a single word to define and strive for in the new year.

Last years word was Fearless and, oh my goodness, did my year live up to that word. You see, I have known for a long time that fear ruled my life and, for once, I wanted to take my next steps into a new life.

I am still astounded at my life in this moment and lets just say my life has changed dramatically. Someone once said to me that often this word we choose as an intention for our year is also an invitation to the universe. It becomes a challenge for us. The story of my “fearless” year is the topic for another post.

But as the days of the old year quickly counted down, I find myself wondering about my word for the new year.

The questions I ask myself:

What do I want to strive for?

What do I want my life to look like as I look back over the the year?

What is my intention for the year?

What is my theme for the next year?

How do I want to challenge myself over the next year?

The wonderful thing about choosing a word of intention is that you are not alone. So many communities have developed surrounding this very subject. My favorite is One Little Word.

Alí Edwards is the mastermind behind the One Little Word site and she describes the choosing of a single word as a ripple in the pond. She has even created kits to help you explore and remember your One Little Word.

There are several others:

My One Word

Blessings Manifest

One Word 365

I’m not sure it matters which site you choose, one of these or any number of other sites, but the idea of choosing a single word for the theme of your year can make a world of difference.

And, there aren’t any resolutions to completely fail. I admire those who can keep their New Years resolutions.

What is my word of the year?

That is a good question. I thought at first it was transition, especially since I’m in the midst of a huge transition but that didn’t feel right. Transition seems more like a goal rather than an intention.

To transition is to go from one state of being to another. The point of transition has already occurred, however, the process of transitioning my mind and body is still to come. But it doesn’t seem as if the word is strong enough to carry me through for the year.

After mulling over several different words, the one I chose for this year is Authenticity.

My dream for many years to to live fully creative life and I’ve managed to take some actual steps to do so. As the year unfolds, my hope is to live my life authentically. It may be a lot to live up to but as I’ve learned by choosing my words, they are an invitation for me to grow, learn and change.

I’m excited about the year ahead. I hope you are too.

Did you choose a word for the year?

Until next time,