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A Resolved Difference

tree-204297_1280My husband and I are in the planning and execution stages of revamping our new property. The roof has been worked on and is now weather-proof. We are waiting for the doors to be delivered and we will paint sometime in the spring.

Landscaping has been part of the discussion since the beginning. It’s just such a large, empty space that needs to be filled. We have some trees that we will move later in the fall to fill in all the emptiness. It’s been fun.

One issue that we have had for a while is the discussion over adding a weeping willow tree to our property. The argument is simple:

I want one.

He doesn’t.

He tells me:

-Willow trees are very messy. They have a tendency to lose lots of branches after a storm.
-They won’t grow here. Willows need lots of water.
-They take up too much room. Willows need lots of space to grow

I love the beauty and grace of willow trees. I don’t even care if they are messy. One of my favorite things is that in the fall when all the leaves change, willows become these round glowing bright spots easily identified in a stand of trees.

I am still doing some research about how much water they truly need, but we can deal, I’m sure. We are working on the water issue along with everything else.

And, the last argument, we don’t have enough space is no longer an issue. In acquiring the land, we have more than doubled our small lot, most of it empty just waiting for something.

One of my first questions after purchasing this property was about a planting willow tree. The answer was a grudging “yes”.

The question now is, where to put it.