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A Summer Solstice Walk

DSC_0250Tonight my husband and I walked the road near our house. Enjoying the sun and warmth while getting some much-needed exercise.

It is also the summer solstice. I think I read that there will be 14+ hours of daylight. This is a good thing.

We realized as we walked that the heat is finally here. Its been such a cold and wet spring that it hasn’t felt much like summer. Not anymore.

We talked about a lot of things as we walked; work, people we know, growing older. All subjects that are important to us for various reasons. Walking seems to be a good place to talk. To get away from all those things “needing” to be done.

The road we walk is mostly fields, some worked and some growing wild. There is also a bit of woods with a creek that goes nearly dry by the end of summer each year.

The fields at the end where we turn around are overgrown this year. It is remarkable to me how the farmers decide which fields need to be used in a given year and which ones need to be left fallow for a year.

In one of the fallow fields, just as we were turning around, I saw a couple of heads peek up in the tall grass. Two deer who were bedding down for the night looked at who was talking. One was a buck, with tiny horns between his ears. The other female. She was the first to bolt. He followed shortly after. I wish I’d had a camera.

When we got back I snapped this picture.DSC_0255

I have done little gardening this year but sometimes the flowers prevail. These were planted last year and are in the midst of weeds. Still beautiful.

The summer season here in Northern Michigan is so short. Why not take a walk and enjoy it.

Happy Solstice!

How do you enjoy the summer?