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    All Things Life and Writing

    Hello there. Let’s talk about all things life and writing. It’s been a while. The last couple of years have been rough, both in the small and large picture. The worldwide view has been interesting, to say the least. My writing life has had highs and lows. The lows have been quite low, and the highs, while few, have been good. But it’s time to get back to all things life and writing. This blog has been on my mind for so much of the two years (or more) since I published a post. I’ve thought about and planned to restart my life online. Listening to the “experts” talk about…

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    What Can You Do With ’30 minutes of…’?

    Thoughts on what I can do in ’30 minutes of…’. So one of my favorite Instagrammers (@farmhousevernacular) has a thing called ’30 minutes of house’. Originally this was created by her husband as a New Year’s resolution. But it is something that served him well since. They have an old house (approximately 1906ish) that needs a lot of work. Actually their house needs just as much work as mine did – and they’ve planned it better. My husband and I have simply done it haphazardly while they have been systematic about their renovation. It probably helps that they are both engineers. Anyway, this idea of 30 minutes of house has…

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    When Creative Juices Stop Flowing, Prime the Pump!

    What do I do when the pump stops working? I prime the pump! I love the metaphor of priming the pump. Though I seem to be collecting metaphors hey have this way of staying tucked into the back of my mind until I need them. But Prim the Pump is one that I’ve used in my writing and in my professional work. What is Priming the Pump? For those of us who don’t live in an urban setting and are connected to a city water system i.e. rural living, having running water necessitates having a well. If you are lucky, you already have one of these. The pipes go deep…