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    What Can You Do With ’30 minutes of…’?

    Thoughts on what I can do in ’30 minutes of…’. So one of my favorite Instagrammers (@farmhousevernacular) has a thing called ’30 minutes of house’. Originally this was created by her husband as a New Year’s resolution. But it is something that served him well since. They have an old house (approximately 1906ish) that needs a lot of work. Actually their house needs just as much work as mine did – and they’ve planned it better. My husband and I have simply done it haphazardly while they have been systematic about their renovation. It probably helps that they are both engineers. Anyway, this idea of 30 minutes of house has…

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    Getting Unstuck Through Reading – Prime the Pump

    Get Unstuck through Reading – Prime the Pump! So you haven’t been writing. In fact, you are stuck. Keep reading to find ways to get unstuck through reading. As I’ve written in a previous post, Priming the Pump, you can get your creative juices flowing. One of my favorite ways to find that spark is through reading – something. Often I read writing books or books about my favorite authors. Sometimes I look through photos. I never know what will cause the spark so I keep working at it until something catches. The following is a list of items on my bookshelf that I am likely to reach for when…

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    Life in the Time of Corona

    The past couple of months have been difficult. Life in the time of corona is so very different than what we are used to. And that is an understatement. Every day it seems that worse and worse news comes out of this Corona thing or COVID-19 as it is actually called. There have been snippets of positiveness too. I can’t forget those. I haven’t been writing. You’ve probably noticed. I haven’t been posting. But more than that, I haven’t been writing outside of journaling to maintain my mental health. April was Camp NaNoWriMo and I had intended to finish my novel. But by the 5th day where I hadn’t written a…