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    The Millions of Things That Stifle Creativity

    So, I have this list. It’s a list of things that keep me from being my creative self, namely writing. Because the truth is I haven’t written much in weeks and I’m feeling the need to confess this sin. The list I have is long and I’ll bet we all have some of the same ones. Here they are in no particular order of importance:   Dishes Laundry No Time Family To-Do list Low Energy Work Social Media High Expectations of myself Fears Clutter Guilt   This list isn’t extensive, nor do they represent everything that gets in my way. I’m also certain that each reader could add their own.…

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    How Did You Become a Writer?

    How Did You Become a Writer? The road to becoming a writer is different for all of us, and yet, I’ve found similarities whenever I’ve spoken to other writers. Sharing that story is one of the those things that can encourage others on their own journeys. The Pillars Gabriela Pereira, of the DIY MFA fame, has created a book club in conjunction with her book of the same name. The entire premise of her DIY MFA is three pillars: reading, writing and community, and this book club encompasses all three. The first part of this opportunity is to simply read the book, DIY MFA. I’ve begun this book in the…