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Daylight Savings Time and Sippy Cups

flowers-270985_1280Is there any other day more despised than the spring version of Daylight Savings Time?

Not for me.

In the name of progress, a decision was made a few centuries ago to adjust time. Daylight Savings happens to us twice a year, and we have accepted that this is life.


When we return to “normal” time in the fall, we gain an hour, and that is wonderful. I mean what am I going to do with that extra time, except sleep?

Spring time change feels like a cruel joke when things are just beginning to look brighter.

Despite the change happening on a Sunday morning when we can supposedly sleep in (has anyone ever heard of internal clocks, you know, the one that wakes you up at the same time as your alarm on weekends?), copious amounts of caffeine will be necessary to get through this week.

What happens when you are already exhausted and then the time change happens?

Each day feels as if you are sleeping through it, and no amount of caffeine will keep you awake for very long.

I could try to go to bed earlier, but that doesn’t work very well at the best of times.

I could sleep later, but there is that pesky thing called work that occurs at it’s regularly scheduled time.

I could take naps whenever I am able, although I don’t sleep sitting up very well, and my office chair isn’t very comfortable.

I could do all of these things but I won’t. I tend to be stubborn like that and hope my body catches up.

For now, I will enjoy the memories of what created that exhaustion in the first place. We had the pleasure of having our daughter and her boys visit.

These visits are always draining, but I think that is because I am getting old, not because a 5-year-old and 18-month-old fight over Memaw. How did that happen?

I wanted to share some of the reasons the week will be interesting:


Abel found some food coloring. I can’t imagine that it tasted good, but it sure made for some interesting diaper changes.

The weather was warm enough to play outside, and both of the kids enjoyed it:



It will probably take me all week to catch up on my sleep, get my house back in order (I will be finding sippy cups all over my house) and recover the rest of my sanity.

That’s okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way.