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Election Day Intentions


By the time post is live, election day will be over. Since I don’t tend to involve myself in politics, except for my chosen causes, I won’t weigh in on all the ugliness this election has caused.

What I will talk is about living intentionally in the midst of the chaos.


Living intentionally means deciding what is best for your life, regardless of whatever influences are about you. Staying out of the fray has been nearly impossible in the past several months as this election has become more and more contentious.

I’ve tried to ignore everything but that doesn’t work.

What has worked for me is:

*Accepting that people will disagree with me. As with many things in life, politics are one area that agreement is impossible. Rather than argue and fuss. Accept that people will disagree and move on.

*Focusing on the next task. Regardless of whether or not the next task is folding the next load of laundry or running to the poles to vote, keeping focused on the things that make your life run will reduce the angst that comes in the midst of chaos.

*Move forward. Though this may or may not be a historical election, our lives from day-to-day won’t change very much. We must keep moving forward toward our best selves.

Though I hope you did your civic duty and voted today, I truly hope you found ways to be intentional with your life.

P.S. I apologize for the shortness of this post as it is NaNoWriMo and my words are focused elsewhere.