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Enough is Enough


I haven’t been here for a while, and I’m not sure if I am truly back. But, I am here today with my one little word for the year.


A friend said to me that a word like ENOUGH would invite the universe to fulfill the word, good or bad.

I’m not sure I believed her.


I do now.

I’ve had enough and need a change.

At some point, we all reach this stage. In my daily work, I call this the full belly syndrome. You will recognize this from Thanksgiving dinner where that next bite into your full belly would be catastrophic leaving you few options. In my family, this would mean it’s time for a nap or a game at least until it is time for desert.

In daily life, the full belly syndrome is time for a change or a rest, just like after Thanksgiving dinner.

Making changes means different things to different people. For some, that means ending a job or a relationship. Changes can be big or small. Reaching this point may simply mean you need a break.

At this moment, taking a break means that I have run away from my day job – at least for a bit. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it is that easy but I am attempting a staycation. The unfortunate part of this is that I have goals for my break.

Who does this?

Apparently, I do.

Mostly my break will consist of writing, both here on my blog and on my novel (formerly a novella – which appears to have metastasized). Other goals include spending time with my grand babies and organization around my house. And, if there is time, to begin making the gardens ready for planting, which won’t happen for several weeks.

This staycation is a welcome rest from the thoughts and emotions that have consumed me for the past year or more.

At least, I hope it will be a time of rest and relaxation.

Wish me luck!

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