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Family Friday Updates

sparklers-923029_1280My, how time flies!

Today is July 1st, and everyone is gearing up for the long holiday weekend.

Updates have been long overdue, and since I am on an illness imposed rest period, I thought it was time.


This summer has been full of intentions:

I intended to plant a garden. The reality is more that Rob planted tomatoes and potatoes. Both are doing well, but there is nothing else growing except weeds, which are prolific this year.

I intended to finish my third novel and begin editing one of my other novels. Yeah, life has been interesting, and I haven’t worked much on my fiction writing. I have been working on some other things which I will announce soon but not so much with my fiction.

I intended to begin walking every day simply for peace of mind. Well, I’m not sure I need to say anything else about that.

I intended to make it down the river in my kayak, and that hasn’t happened – YET. I still have hope that it will happen.

The goals I’ve had to create to cope with life right now are so much vaguer than I usually create:

1. Do one thing each day to move my career forward. I’ve decided that this means just about anything I do that has to do with writing or learning about blogging etc. This seems to be working.

2. Step out of my comfort zone. More on this one at a later date.

3. Be serious about my creative life. Again, more about this one later.

Summer got busy about a month ago, much busier than I had expected. As usual, things have changed at work which is a struggle. And, we have guests this summer.


The kids have enjoyed the bigger yard and play area that Papa made for them. Also, pancakes for dinner is a yummy experience!





I have accomplished a few things. The outside of my building is painted and a small flower garden planted in front. It is quite nice to sit in there with all the windows open; at least until the sun sinks into the west. Then, the heat becomes overwhelming. But still, my writing shed is my favorite place to be.


I’ve also discovered furniture painting and will be sharing more about this part of my life. The projects that I have waiting for me keep increasing, and since the summer has gotten so busy, I’m not keeping up with them. Though not part of my intentions, I am excited about this.

Here is a piece I painted in a recent class: img_1118

Rob built a water feature in our yard. It has taken most of the spring, and the plants are now growing well. Evenings are nice to sit out and listen to the babbling brook, even if the river is nowhere in sight.

Though the summer isn’t over, it feels “too late” for some things. “Too late” is a strange feeling when there is still two months to go before Labor Day. Although summer usually goes fast, when things are chaotic and busy, it goes so much faster with no way to slow it down.

How is your summer going?

Are you accomplishing much or simply hanging on
as the time flies by?

Did you set any goals for yourself?

I hope so.

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.


  • Mom

    Sorry to here you are ill…CALL YOUR MOTHER…just do what you can and put wishes on a waiting list. That’s what I do! I always have more to do than time. I think that’s just life…it keeps us going!
    Kids seem to be doing well, I’m very thankful for that. Miss you.

  • Joanne

    Interesting, although not surprising, the you and I have these goals in common and, although I, too, am not as attentive every day as I should be to them, I am making some progress. Also interesting is that I received this blog from you on the day I am reminding myself to “get back to it in a serious way.” The time at Interlochen for Writers Retreat and Practicum helped to push me out of my comfort zone as I read there, both in the Memoir workshop with Mardi and some of my poems during the Participant Reading time to end that amazing 4-day experience. The craft talk by Phil Hartigan, Patti McNair’s husband, about combining visual art with creative writing was a perfect kick in the seat of the pants for me and that got refreshed on Wednesday at the artist’s talk and reception for a collage artist opened another door for me to consider with the art part of this dual-path creative journey I have begun. Thank you, Angela, for this rich blog that reminds me to keep going. Wishing you wellness and sending good thoughts for you with your own creative paths. Nice job on the furniture painting, too!

    • AC Hoekwater

      Thanks, Joanne for the encouraging words. I’m sorry I missed the retreat and hopefully I will be back next year. Stepping out of our comfort zone is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things we can do. I’m glad you were able to do that. Keep it up!