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Friday Five: Best Summer Moments

It’s officially fall and fabulous time of the year. Days have been mostly warm with some cold nights. This is the best sleeping weather.

Summer is such a short season I thought I would dedicate a Friday Five list to some of my favorite moments of the summer:

1.   Papa and Caleb building a climbing wall. The little man had such a good time building and then climbing on the swing set his mom played on when she was little.

2.   Camping in Northern Michigan during mayfly season. It was, at the very least, an interesting trip.

3.   Taking the time to watch the sunset in the middle of all the busyness.

4.   I was chosen by this little beast for a forever home. Pippa has been a nice addition to our lives. She provides much needed comic relief.

5.   Just these two.

I can’t wait to see what the next season brings.

Happy Fall!

What were your favorite moments of summer?


  • Debra

    1. Visiting Mackinac Island with my stitching sisters for a class.
    2. Enjoying the many less humid days and cooler nights…sleeping with the windows open is the best,
    3. Having my brother and his family visit in July. They loved escaping from Oklahoma ‘s upper 90’s.
    4. The two camping weekends we had were a great escape, especially the one held on our backyard over Labor Day.
    5. Sweet corn.

  • Mom

    1 Our garden that got planted early this year, so produce came in early.
    2-Mostly good nights, windows open, good sleep.
    3-Reunions, a chance to visit with family…3 different families.
    4-Lots of organic produce, frozen, canned or stored.
    5-Garden DONE!