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Friday Five: December Favorites

The other night I was outside my house and snapped this picture:

I am amazed at all the colors in this December sunset.

Now, at the beginning of December, I am thinking about all the things I like about this month. There are so many things to like about December. I also know that this is a busy month and easy to overlook things as life becomes so busy.

The things I want to remember and my favorite things about December are:

1. Christmas Lights – For as long as I can remember looking for Christmas lights has been high on my list of favorite things about this season. The funny thing is we don’t really decorate the outside very much. However, I truly admire those who spend the time to decorate their yards.

2. Cookies – When it comes to cooking, I tend to be a little picky, and my cookies are no different. I like to make cut out cookies using an old family recipe. There are a few other favorites that my family requests and I look forward to making them.

3. Snow – I think December is the only month I like snow. I find it acceptable until the end of February which is my birthday, but my favorite time for snow is this month. It’s really isn’t Christmas without snow.

4. Watching Little Kids Open Gifts – This part doesn’t last long but to see their faces when they get to their presents is priceless. We have worked out a way to make it last a bit longer by making everyone open one gift at a time, but it always goes too fast.

5. Giving – If there were a national month for giving, December would be it. The difficult thing is that the need doesn’t go away once December is over, but it is wonderful to see people reaching out to others during this time of the years.

There are so many more things about December that I love and there are a few things that I don’t like about this month. The busyness, shopping, and expectations are some of those things. Each year I attempt to make my life a little easier during this chaotic time. And, each year I become overwhelmed. I keep wondering if there is a key to a peaceful holiday season. Perhaps just accepting that things are crazy is enough.

With so many good things about this month, what are some of your favorites?