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Friday Five: Happy Spring?

Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know what I mean. The one’s where you think Tuesday is Thursday and that happens three days in a row. Not to mention, my to-do list grows longer on each of those days and still undone.

Yeah, that was my week.

My intention for this week was so let everyone see what early spring looks like in Northern Michigan. I’d planned on photographing some of my favorite things about spring.

Well, things didn’t turn out that way.

Things looked like this when I went to get in my car:












And this:




By the afternoon, the rain that had fallen for nearly the entire day turned to snow making the drive home rough. The big fat snowflakes that we saw would have been welcomed in December, not March.




But this is springtime in Northern Michigan. Scenes such as these are quite common:img_0896img_0899








We aren’t the only ones who have been “blessed” with this weather and we’ve been lucky so far. A friend who lives in Colorado reports that they have lost power during the storm.

One thing that spring in Michigan teaches you is patience. Wait a little bit and the weather will turn warm again.

The weather forecast says the temperature will be nearly 50 degrees in the next couple of days which will change the landscape again.

Something like this: