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Friday Five: October Favorites

pumpkins-504120_1280If I must choose, fall is my favorite time of year. And, I like October the best of all the fall months.

I’m sure if I were to list the reasons there would be so many more than five.

Before I get to my actual list of October favorites (if these are duplicates from September, I apologize), there is something remarkable, for me at least, about this month. It is kind of an anniversary for me.

One year ago I began a writing challenge by Jeff Goins called My 500 Words. The goal of this challenge is to write at least 500 words each day. I have had a remarkable year of meeting this goal nearly every day. My writing has reached new heights and I am excited to see what this next year will bring.

Now for my October favorites:

It’s pumpkin season – Notice that I didn’t say pumpkin spice but just pumpkins. While I do like some pumpkin-flavored treats, I enjoy going to the pumpkin patch and picking one out. Whether or not I carve the pumpkin, coming home to one sitting on my stoop makes my heart happy.

Caramel apples – This Friday Five is a continuation of last months favorites. We have a candy shop across from my office that has the most amazing caramel apples. Outside of the normal nutty caramel, they make a chocolate covered salted caramel apple that is my current favorite.

Changing of the leaves – The fall color change has come late to northern Michigan this year. leaves-18051_1280The trees are just beginning to change and we are still looking forward to the fall color season. I can’t wait to see the woods in flaming colors.

Layers of clothes – This may seem like a strange one, but I like wearing layers of clothes along with a colorful scarf.  This time of year, especially in Michigan, the weather you wake up to may not be the weather you go to sleep to. Most definitely keeps life interesting.

Hocus Pocus – I love this movie and am looking forward to enjoying this fall. I have a couple of friends who share this love and we are planning a viewing night along with spooky cocktails. Can’t wait.

These are some of my favorite things about this month. What are yours?


  • Shelley

    A woman after my own heart! I love October and everything that comes with it. Like you, I can’t wait to dig out my warm weather clothes. The splashes of color that come with changing foliage is an artist’s palette. Then, there’s those hearty soups at meal time. For the first time, this year, we’re having a wood stove. (I just moved back north from southeast Georgia, so October is going to be a celebration for me.)