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Friday Five: September Favorites


Fall is my favorite time of year for lots of reasons. For many years, I looked forward to September mostly because it was back to school time, both for me and my kids. Though I’m not in school any longer, I still look forward to fall and September for other reasons:

1. The weather is often cooler – In Northern Michigan, August is normally the hottest month while September tends to have more ups and downs. For the most part, things are simply more comfortable. By the end of the month, our wood stove is usually started and things are much more cozy.

2. Back to School Time – Although I am not in school, the supplies are still on sale, and, I can stock up on all of my favorite office supplies.

3. The colors are beginning to change – The trees are beginning their yearly process of shedding their leaves. Throughout the month of September, the change is often gradual and by the end of the month, the trees are full of color. The beauty is wonderful to see.

4. It’s apple season – Apples, and all things associated, are bountiful this time of year, though October is more traditional for them. Heading to the local apple orchard for code and donuts is one of the best things about fall.

sunlight-867222_12805. Crisp mornings – Since I am so often up very early, I am able to experience
the cool, crispness that marks fall. Watching the sun rise over a lightly frosted field gives me a feeling of coming home. I’m not sure how else to explain this feeling of contentment I have during these moments. These mornings are my favorite time of day.

I know that September marks the beginning of some not as good things, though there is something good in every season, including the season of snow. But, stopping for this moment and enjoying each day as it comes is simply a part of life. I’m learning to take the good stuff with the bad, for there are always two sides.

What are your favorite things about fall?