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Friday Five: Summer Faves

It’s summer here in northern Michigan. That means that one day the thermometer hits 90 degrees and the next 60. Summer in the north also means lots of good things.

I’ve taken some great photo’s of stormy skies as we’ve had several severe storms this month. Photo’s like this one:


Life has gotten busy though I’m not sure when it ever slows down. As I sit with my calendar, I see nothing is going to change in the future.

Just like most people, I have lots of things scheduled. Some with family, some with friends and others writing related.

My husband and I are about to celebrate our 15th anniversary and are making a few plans. We have a camping trip scheduled and a grandson’s 1st birthday to attend in the next month.

It is all good, but it takes a toll on my energy levels. That being said, I am taking this moment to simply be in this moment. I picked up my CSA today and decided this was one of my favorite things about summer.  Here is my list:

1. Blueberries – I forget how much I like blueberries until I pick up a quart at the local farmers market and my husband and I race to see who can finish them first.

2. Warm summer days – Winter is quite long here and I want to take the opportunity to soak as much of the warmth into my bones before it gets here.

3. Harvest – Gardens are producing so much right now. Zucchini appears to have lived up to its reputation and I have more in my kitchen than I can possibly consume. Our first tomatoes came in the order. Remember toasted tomato sandwiches? Definitely a fave.tomato-498721_1280

4. Sitting by Water – Lakefront visiting helps to balance the heat with the love of water.

5. Walks in the evening – Finding some serenity outdoors after a long day at work is the best thing. I also like to walk in the morning just as the sun is rising, but I haven’t had enough energy for that. I’ll keep trying.

There seems to be a consensus about summer that everyone tries to enjoy it to the fullest. These are the things that make summer enjoyable for me.

What are your favorite things about summer?