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Friday Story Prompt: Cuba

I have a pseudo-bucket list. This list is simply a wish list that I add to whenever I see something that I want to do. I don’t have a list on paper, only in my head. One day, perhaps, I should write these ideas down so I know what to work for.

On my to-do list are things such as visit all seven continents (I’ve visited three with a fourth in the planning stages), hike the Grand Canyon, and see the Pacific Ocean.

I also have a list of things I won’t ever do, such as skydiving, climbing Mt. Everest, and bungee jumping. Apparently I have a thing about heights.

I’ve also discovered there are websites that allow you to create and organize these lists. Bucketlist is one such site. You can create your list and mark when you’ve accomplished another one. Creating a bucket list is an interesting way create an interesting life.

A recent addition to my list is Cuba.

Cuba isn’t yet a vacation destination, however, the country can be visited under specific circumstances. For the most part, education and relief people are those who are able to enter the country. I hope that when I am ready, it will be open for tourists, or I may have to find another way.

This week’s story photo prompt is one of the street life in Cuba. The picture is beautiful but probably doesn’t do justice to the real thing.



For the prompt, write your own pseudo-bucket list, or even an actual bucket list. Writing lists is one way to expand creativity. Perhaps a story will come out of your musings.


  • Mom

    Heights…a problem for you! I guess it is! You don’t even like to cross the Mighty Mac! How do you manage to fly? LOL