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As I typed that I broke out in song to the tune “you gotta have friends” in Donkey’s voice from the movie Shrek. Enjoyed the movie but really? Donkey’s voice?

Well, he’s right. Friends are one of the most important things a person can have. I’ve been lucky to find a fabulous group of women who have become so very important to me.

I was one of those kids who moved a lot as a child and as a young adult. Through all of those changes I made lots of friends but few of those friendships have been sustainable. Until now.

I have a group that I meet with regularly for social and spiritual needs. Many of those I work with and enjoy the more than occasional lunch. Its been a blessing and a life lesson to make and keep friends at this stage of my life.

Last year I had a difficult day. You know, one of those ‘run away from home, I’m done’ kind of days. Between work and the current remodel of my house, I’d had enough and actually did run away for the evening. I didn’t go far. As I was leaving, my brain went through my circle of friends to decide who be best to handle the overflow of emotions coming out of me. That had never happened before. I’d never had a list of people I knew I could count on in moments like that.

I am so very grateful for this group of amazing women.

Yes, I did go home, eventually. And yes, the project we’d been working on at home got finished and work settled down. Life went on.

Thanks, ladies for everything. You know who you are.


  • Vanessa Rae

    What the heck?!?! …awkward. Lol. Im not sure how, but it seems that the rest of my comment got sucked into the black (internet) hole. Sorry bout that!

    What I MEANT to say, was…… (damnit, I hate when this happens. I swear it was an actual good and authentic comment!

    Brain farts = the story of my life!
    Ha ha. Anyway!

    Friendship is so important. A couple of months ago, I was reading one of my recreational books (Happiness Advantage), and it has some pretty ugly stats in regards to the impact our social lives have.

    Since then, I’ve promised myself to make less excuses, and more of an effort to change out of my PJs and into normal-people clothes… and get my ass out of the house!

    And to think back when Jim Rohn put it into context by saying,

    “We are the average of the five people you spend your time with.”

    Uhhhmmm… so that means
    》a 1.5 year old/toddler boy
    》an 8 year old girl that thinks she runs sh*t (but has an amazingly intelligent and creative mind- so thats a good one!)
    》(X)Husband, who is a brick wall (aka the opposite of a creative)
    》my disabled neighbor, who has one of the most loving hearts I know… yet is lost in her story and constant negativity
    》and lastly…. well, that’s it. Besides my electronics and paper vomit.

    Yikes! Talk about #needingaCHANGE! …….. Annnnnnnd yet, Im still here, hangin out at the START line….
    /: Eek.

    I’m considering creating a “Creatives Connecting Community.” Even better, I’ve got a bad ass strategy and some unique views on ACTUALLY making it meaningful.

    I always see many blogs, and like most of us creatives, we want to form a supportive network. But, it’s never really like that, and the relationships are more superficial/associates.

    Lotsa work to do. But in the meantime, I think you shoukd get spunky with you social life. Spice it up, even just a little. And I truly believe that will help fill your tank (:

    (((PS, don’t be so hard on yourself. I don’t know what happened, or how I stayed so insanely busy and tired due to #50workdays ….and here I am, trying to figure out MailChimp for my changed-again site, and not much else to show. No logo. Or design. And sometimes without a brain in my head. ahhhh! Escape!)

    And 6 posts? Thats tough…

    I propose making some templates, and having some of the posts be a tidbit or thoughts plus an inspirational quote. Somethin less demanding.

    Do you have any fam/close friends willing to do any contributing?
    Or else just “wing-it” and take the timee to learn. Stay confident thag although, you may have a shot sandwhich for now, but it wont last forever!!!

    Oh! And then go buy yourself some new shoes or something. Tehehehee


    • AC Hoekwater

      Thanks so much for the long comment. I’ve come late to the game of friends and self-care. Its just hard to find the balance between life and those things I want to do, i.e. the novels, more flash, starting a physical writing group and oh yeah, my blog.
      And, I do need new shoes. Oh and coffee.