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GoodBye Jesse’s Girl


Goodbye Jesse’s Girl


My brother died on a Thursday just as the year

Came to a close. I wasn’t there although I

Tried, speed and snow don’t mix. I didn’t

Recognize him, lying so still. But the

Tears of my father, nephew, friend

Convince me of the truth.

Hugs cannot comfort now.

Only time heals

The heartbroken




Wear Jesse’s

Girl and am

Reminded of the last

Time I saw him alive.

Smiling, watching a ballgame, calling me

“Brat” acceptance, in his words I don’t

want to hear. The music loud, blocking reality

Hearing muted. A dream fulfilled nearly forgetting all else.

Unwanted thoughts intrude until the screaming beat drowns them out.

I don’t write poetry often but these words bubbled out of me. My brother’s 51st birthday would have been yesterday and I struggled with thoughts of him all day. This poem is one way that I remember him.