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Happy Anniversary to Me

blackboard-620314_1280Just over a year ago, the first post on my blog went live. I cannot tell you how frightening it was to push the “publish” button. But I did and here I am one year later.

When I started this blog, I was in the middle of a class designed to take a person from idea to blog. I had lessons each week and assignments. The idea was to make plans for the blog and posts. I had this glorious idea to have a blog to promote healing through journaling. Life had other plans.

One of the assignments was to write some letters to yourself using a site called This site allows you to write letters and schedule them to be delivered to yourself at some future date. I wrote these letters and scheduled them. Apparently I added the wrong date because the first of these letters arrived today.

Reading this note from the past made me remember just how scared I was to have my words out there for everyone to see. I was so excited and so terrified all at the same time. That has eased over time although I still have anxiety on occasion.

It will be interesting to receive the other two letters I wrote.

As I look back over the past year and all that has happened, I am surprised where I am today.

My first blog post was entitled, ‘Dare to Dance Naked in the Light of your Own Truth‘ and that is what I felt at the time. Writing by nature is a sharing of a person’s internal life for the world to see. The moment I pressed publish I felt naked, exposed. I do have to say that one year later, I no longer feel that way.

Over the past several months, I have struggled with keeping up with the schedule I set for myself. I’ve had a lot of life happening and that seems to have created this struggle. My hope is that things will calm down and I can get my focus back.

Thank you for traveling this journey with me. And it has been a journey. I’ve learned so many lessons and have met many interesting people along the way. I can only believe things can only get better.