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Happy Birthday, Abel

My youngest grandson recently turned one and we celebrated. It is a gift to watch someone come into the world and then watch them grow up.

His feet the day he was born:

2014-09-19 00.36.21

Now he is a big boy getting ready to walk.

So cute!

How about some brotherly love:

They grow too fast. As Abel is taking his first steps alone and his brother is running after the big kids, I find myself wishing things would slow down. Probably no more than their mommy.

This moment is filled with joy and just a bit of sadness that neither of them will be tiny again. They will continue to grow and change. It will be difficult to keep up.

I will do my best in the moments I have.

So, Happy Birthday, Abel. Though you won’t remember today I hope there are many more you will and that each one is just as happy as today.

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