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Hold on Tight, It’s NaNoWriMo!

Today is the day: National Novel Writing Month begins.

For writers of fiction and non-fiction alike, November 1st is a high holiday. Let the furious typing begin.

This is my fourth year of NaNoWriMo and I’ve decided to give myself a break.

Usually, during the month of November, I am desperately trying to write my current novel and keep up with blog posts. And, if I haven’t written anything, I feel guilty for letting my readers down.


Not this year!

This year will be different. Each week, and there are five weeks in November, I will be posting a quote that has some kind of meaning in my life.

The quote I have chosen for this week is one that seldom fails to make me smile. It is one that also hints at the story I will be writing for the next several weeks.

I’m not sure who wrote it. Some say it is a play on a line in one of J.R. Tolkien works. If I haven’t cited the correct source, it is because I haven’t found it.

I hope you enjoy it too!



Beginning in December, I will be back to my regularly scheduled posts. I hope you stay tuned.