Welcome. Find a comfortable seat and your favorite beverage and join me, your host, Angela, on a journey of life, creativity, and writing.

Everyone is creative, in some way or another. Creativity is part of human nature. However, for many of us, the thought of being creative has been relegated to childhood scribbles, put away to be “productive.”

The problem is we are creative beings. Creativity often has nothing to do with productivity and that urge to create doesn’t go away.

I’ve come to believe that creativity is soul work. Creativity is often the best way to know ourselves on the deepest level. It doesn’t matter whether you write, draw, sculpt, take pictures or a myriad of other things, find that thing that makes your heart happy. Find that thing that your six-year-old self knew instinctively before she or he was told to put away childish things.

Feel free to explore the inner pages. You will find weekly blog posts that shine a light on creativity and how to explore your own creativity. If you desire more intensive help, coaching services are available along with other resources to help you along your journey.

As your host, I will encourage, empower and support you in any way I am able.

If you need help to begin your process, set and keep your goals or take your work to the next level, I can help.

Having someone on your side can mean the difference between achieving your goals and giving up entirely.

I am in your corner.