How Did You Become a Writer?

How Did You Become a Writer?

The road to becoming a writer is different for all of us, and yet, I’ve found similarities whenever I’ve spoken to other writers. Sharing that story is one of the those things that can encourage others on their own journeys.

The Pillars

Gabriela Pereira, of the DIY MFA fame, has created a book club in conjunction with her book of the same name. The entire premise of her DIY MFA is three pillars: reading, writing and community, and this book club encompasses all three.

The first part of this opportunity is to simply read the book, DIY MFA. I’ve begun this book in the past but have never finished it. I will say that whenever I think about my writing life, I make certain to include all three of these pillars.

The second part is to write to prompts that will be posted every few days. Much of the rest of this post is the answer to the prompt, “How did you become a writer?” But I will get to that in a moment.

The third pillar is community which is accomplished through a Facebook group called Word Nerds Unite. Participants are encouraged to answer the prompts and interact with other through this means.

The Prompt – How I became a writer.

I feel as if I’ve been writing forever – or at least wanted to be a writer. My earliest realization of this desire was in first grade at 6-years-old.

At some point during that particular year, my teacher announced we were going to be making a book. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to show my mom. I even began to think about what I would write. The blank page scared me even then.

The let down and disappointment came when I learned I would only have a single page. And once completed, the book would stay with my teacher.

In that disappointment, a dream was born.

From that moment, I wanted to write a novel.

And, I had no idea how I would do it.

Becoming the writer I am today

The 40-something-year journey since that moment has seen more twists and turns than a labyrinth.

For much of this journey, writing has been relegated to a “past time” or a “hobby”. Not serious. I mean, after all, bills had to be paid – I had to do grown up stuff.

What changed for me was simply the decision to write.

With barely a thought, I decided one September night several years ago that I was going to see if I could write a novel. I wasn’t getting any younger and I had to start on this dream somehow.

What followed has been a roller coaster.

I did manage to write that first novel and even learned that it wasn’t half bad. In fact, that decision and completion of that novel, were almost – dare I say it – easy.

I’d been thinking about writing a novel for years and the idea had been floating around in my brain for a long time.

It was simply my time.

Present Day

That simple decision led to some amazing things. I’ve met many wonderful people doing the same things. I have a blog and am in the process of creating another website for my coaching.

One of the best things that has come out of this is that I have found a way to merge my creative life and my “day job”.

I have several WIP’s including novels, flash fiction and non-fiction works. Chipping away at each of these keeps me busy.

I still haven’t really published anything but I keep at it every day and am learning never to give up.


It’s not too late to join the DIY MFA Book club. You can go to the site and sign up. How much you participate is up to you.

I hope you can look into these pillars of reading, writing and community to see how they fit into your own work and creative journey.

Until next time,


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