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Everyone needs some inspiration.

Regardless of the reason, inspiration is what keeps us alive and creating.

Here are some things that keep me going:

Summer Fun 09 067This is my favorite place to spend a summer weekend with my favorite people.

2013-01-27 19.52.06

He learned to lick the beaters.

2013-12-28 17.38.01

This was the only decent day a winter ago before the really cold weather set in.

Glad we got the pictures.

2014-09-19 00.36.21

I have no words for these tiny feet. His brother, just minutes old.


Favorite things!


A hidden road all dressed up.

Ethiopia 1 336

I wonder if my daughter will recognize this one from another world away.

Miscellaneous Pictures 044

 I don’t think it gets much more inspirational than this.

Where do you find inspiration?