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Just a Bit of Flash


Since I am spending June writing pieces of Flash Fiction, I’ve decided to share a recent piece. I hope you like it.


I slam the cabinet door shut in frustration. The day is ruined. A slamming door and angry words complete it. All that work for nothing.

Cutting, chopping and stirring for an anniversary dinner. Hoping this time he would enjoy the meal. Steak, medium, just the way he likes it. His favorite potatoes and a herbed tossed salad, the meal complete and full. To top it off, chocolate peanut butter pie, a favorite of ours.

His smile, cool and expectant, gives me hope. Just five minutes more and we can eat, I tell him. He nods and sits in front of the silent television. I see him waver between turning it on and letting it go. He lets it go.

Six minutes later I have everything perfect. Steak, made just right and his favorite salad dressing sitting on the table. Its ready, I tell him. He comes without a word. The smile on his face is stiff. Thank you, it looks wonderful, he tells me.

We both begin to eat without another word. He cuts into the steak with a butter knife. I smile inwardly because this time there can be no complaints. We finish the meal without another word.

“What’s the occasion?” He asks.

Shock appears on my face and I cannot speak. Does he not remember what day this is? Before I recover, he goes on. Didn’t you remember that I am not eating red meat? Are you trying to sabotage my efforts as usual? How can you be so thoughtless? With that, he stands and walks out of the room.

As I sit, still unable to comprehend what has just happened I am reminded of another time such as this. I remember a favorite teacher and wanting to show her a picture of my favorite dress. For my effort, I was punished for using the wrong paper. I don’t remember shedding tears that day but my heart still hurts when I think about it.

That day I remained silent but no longer. I am done. I find a bag and throw some things inside, not caring what. I look toward where he sits, glowering, behind a closed door and find my purse. I walk out without another word.