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Keeping up with the House


It’s happening again. I’m in the middle of a challenge and everything else goes out the window, including house work.

One of the ways I cope with this is to compartmentalize the work. Do the floors have to be washed and moped? Do I really need to clean the bathroom from top to bottom? Can anyone else help with things?

The answers are no, no and YES!

I’ve decided there isn’t a good reason for everything to fall onto my shoulders during this (or any other) time. There are other people living in my house and can take some responsibility. Of course, they must be made to see reason or I won’t get any help after all.

Another choice I’ve made is that not everything has to be done all at once. Little by little is what works best.

The minimum of what I can get away with is my goal. That means sweeping up the big chunks – it is spring here after all. Wiping down the sink and toilet until I have more time and dishes. I work at the laundry little by little anyway so it doesn’t really pile up. I hate it when Saturdays become laundry days.

When April is over, or any month that is extra busy, I will go back and deep clean. But for now, supper is on your own, mostly. Pick up here and there. I’ll be at my desk, writing. After all, priorities are a must.

How do you handle the rest of your life when things get busy?


  • Amber

    I realized this morning when the dirty crock pot was in the sink, the diapers were still in the dryer, and I was running late to work with two kiddos wanting their mommy for just a few more minutes. My solution… as you mentioned, someone else can help 🙂 But more importantly, I can let go of it! Allowing myself to be free of the burden (until Saturday) and recognizing that my partner is just as capable (and willing) if I only don’t attempt to shoulder it all myself. Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to this!