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Late by Intention


I wanted to call this blog post “Whoopsy Wednesday” because my life became crazy enough that I missed my normal weekly post. I berated myself for this “lateness.”



In thinking about this “mistake” I’ve realized something I’ve talked about before: perfectionism is overrated. Sometimes what seems like a mistake is the universe’s way of letting you know something is out of wack. It is nature’s way of saying that you’ve still got work to do on your way to intentional living.

Living intentionally isn’t about being perfect and always hitting the mark you’ve set for yourself. Living intentionally means that even though sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, you can always move on to the next thing. Or, you can simply pause, gather yourself and breathe.

Recently, I listened to writer, Sue Merrell, speak at a local conference. She gave some great advice on writing that I believe applies to intentional living:

1. Look around
2. Write down what you see
3. Don’t give up

I am taking these words to heart and not just about my writing. This advice can be used in so many areas of life and art.

Lots of people have been using Sue’s advice without even knowing it.

It’s fall in Northern Michigan which means that there is so much color to take in. The skies have been particularly beautiful, especially sunrises and sunsets.

Now, my life has been just crazy enough that I’ve not paid attention but others that I know have noticed some wonderful sunrises for the past few days. They have looked around, snapped a picture and enjoyed the moment.

Here is one from a friend and fellow blogger:

Deb Thompson, Just Short of Crazy
Deb Thompson, Just Short of Crazy


Deb Thompson posted this picture earlier this week. Check out her travel, food and lifestyle blog at Just Short of Crazy. She goes to some amazing places and shares those experiences with her followers.



I’d say she took Sue’s admonitions to heart.


  • vanessa edwards

    Where is your sunrise?! That should go on your weekly goal list since you mentioned being lost in the bustle. (:

    When life spins out of control, I find myself craving nature. Like now, I found a nice view with very few people and even though Im sitting on a bed of hard ass boulders with sticker’s up to my knees, I feel at ease.

    Too bad I cant find a way to attach a picture in the comment. It’s no magical sunrise (like above lol), but it’s nice.

    Anyway, I think we could all use a reminder of everything mentioned above. Before I read your post, I was literally contemplating on Sue’s #3. So reading it gave me the chills and a sigh of fruatration, relief, and many other emotions.
    ……Ok, it was a part-sigh, part-odd verbal noise that I made. Thankfully no one was around to hear it. Lol.

    Oh, and Brene Brown has an interesting perception on perfectionism. Love. Her. To. Pieces.
    You should check her out