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Life is Better in Bare Feet

2014-09-19 00.36.21Life certainly has its ups and downs. Lately, it seems, things have been more down than up.

Some things are good, like the fact that spring seems to have arrived. Even in Northern Michigan, things are growing, and the sun is shining.

Other things are not; like the amount of stress I’ve been feeling lately.

As I’ve been following Gabriela and her DIY MFA, one of the things that she has talked about is Honoring My Reality. This statement in her manifesto, which can be read here.

Through the ups and downs, I’ve tried to understand and implement this in my life.

I’ve tried to honor my reality by saying no when things got a little overwhelming. As difficult as it is to say no, I think it is more difficult to say no to things that are high on the priority list.

unnamedI’ve had to say no to regular blog posts. Not blogging means that life has gotten too difficult, and changes need to be made.

I’ve had to say no to my normal daily writing. I’ve discovered that honoring my reality means that on those days when I can’t do just one more thing, it is okay not to sit down and pound out 500 words. I try hard on those days not to beat myself up.

I’ve learned that failure is an option and that failure isn’t always a bad thing. I truly believe that something good can come out of something bad. It often takes some time to see what that something good is but is there if you look for it.

I’ve learned that not finishing a challenge is okay, especially if in honoring my reality, it is best for me.

I’ve had to redefine failure in my life. I’ve often read that the real failure is giving up, and since I haven’t done that, I haven’t failed.

I’ve also learned that I prefer to live barefoot.  Does anyone else feel this way?

Since it is spring and shoes are optional, I’ve taken advantage and kept the tootsies uncovered.feet-657207_1280

I feel more grounded with the earth beneath my feet. More real.

I’ve decided that to Honor my Reality, acknowledging that simple moments in bare feet are the best.