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May Day

writer-605764_1280Today is a new day based on an old holiday meant for union. The holiday means little to today’s post. It was just a way to begin to discuss the things that have been on my mind for my life in the next couple of months. First a look back:

I’ve finished both of my challenges for April.

The A-to-Z Blog which was a challenge to write a blog post for each day of the alphabet. The result was posting six days per week on all manner of topics. It has been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot. I am excited to see how this challenge will help me as I continue with my writing life.

Camp NaNoWriMo was an official success. Camp NaNo, as you remember from previous posts, is a take-off from NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. During NaNoWriMo the goal is to write 50000 words in 30 days and is held in November each year. Crazy time but a good for growth.

Camp NaNo differs only in that each person is allowed to chose their own goals. Camp is held during April and July each year. My goal for this year was 20000 words working off my November novel. I accomplished my goal and am still working to finish the entire thing, hopefully by June. I’ll keep you posted.

Some goals I have set for myself for the months ahead:

1. I will finish my novel.
2. It is my intention to join in a flash fiction challenge in July. I love to write flash fiction but when I am working so much on blogging and my novel, my flash stories get pushed to the back burner.
3. My blog will go through some changes. Since I am relatively new at this whole process, I am still in growing mode. Look for some changes in the next few weeks.
4. One thing I’ve decided is that I will blog nearly daily. I’ve enjoyed the daily posts and it will be interesting to see how I do outside of a challenge with prompts.
5. I also hope to add in some of my own photography. I am very much an amateur but I like taking pictures and sharing them.

Wow! Once again I’ve taken on a lot. Having goals is incredibly helpful to me. It keeps me on track. I hope you can join me on this crazy journey.

What keeps you on track?