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NaNoWriMo Updates

12045447_10153099432277595_9141775052828923733_oWell, we are one week into November and it’s time for an update.

I have to say that things are going well at this moment. I don’t want to be overly optimistic and say that it won’t be a problem to finish this challenge, but things are going well at this moment.

I am nearly halfway to 50,000 words and my story is moving along. There have been some surprises along the way.

One thing I will say is that I couldn’t have done this without planning. I’m just not a pantser. I have to have an idea of where I am going, otherwise things are a mess.

There is a ton of information out there about planning. I’ve seen blog after blog that focused on planning your NaNo novel. There are books, I’ve even got one that I was reading up until November began.

The method I chose to work with this year is from Jennifer Blanchard. She has several products that can help organized your thoughts starting from the idea.

I still keep a notebook handy. New people keep popping up in my stories and I have to write them down so I don’t forget. It has all been so very interesting.

I hope those of you who are participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo are having success. Even if you aren’t where you’d like to be, no words are wasted. NaNoWriMo is a great exercise in your writing process if nothing else. It’s one way to learn more about yourself.

I’m off to add words to my word count. Stay tuned for the next update.