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Necessary Things


Writing is one of those tasks that doesn’t require a lot of things. A pen, some paper and you are a writer. Pretty simple.

Well, not really, if you are anything like me.

If any of you are like me, office supply stores are some of your favorite places in the world. After all one cannot have too many pens of just the right weight and color. Supplies such as post its, post cards, pens, pencils, journals, etc., rank right up there with books. More is better.

Some of my favorite things are my gold Picaso fountain pen with purple ink. I begin each day with morning pages using this pen. I also like composition books for this type of writing. I have sticky notes of all shapes and sizes, paper clips, sticky flags, purple post cards – all within arms reach. Of course, I am currently working on my Macbook Air which I couldn’t do without. These things are necessary for my creativity.

I have other things that help with my creative life. I have various small gifts from friends sitting on my desk. A metal compass to help me keep my direction, a jack to remind me that balance is important, and a amethyst crystal to keep my thinking clear. All of these are necessary as they remind of my journey and to encourage me to keep going. Not to mention a candle to light my way.

What are the necessary things for your writing life?