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Rejection: Good or Bad?

writer-605764_1280I’ve been writing nearly all of my life and have spent almost all that time want to be a published writer. Being a writer means putting your butt in a chair, getting words on a page and then actually sending them out.

Sometimes, I am slow.

I’ve somehow managed to miss that last part; submitting my work.

The task of submitting work has been that little thought in the back of my head, you know, the one that we most times ignore until it becomes a scream. Even if I find myself attempting to push the button, something often holds me back.

Excuses, excuses, excuses and fear.

Fear of what others are thinking about my writing and fear of rejection.

Each year, submitting is on my list of goals to accomplish for the year. Yep, it’s on my list this year too.

Well, I managed to push the button a few weeks ago.

I have some flash fiction pieces that are nearly ready to go out with one in particular that seemed more “done” than most. I found a possible market and I pushed the button.

And, then I realized that I wanted to change some things in my story; like the title and some language that would make things flow better.

Well, that is just great.

The market I chose was one of those that says if you submit a piece to them, it cannot be submitted elsewhere. One of the good things I found was they gave a time limit: up to 8 weeks. Waiting can be good or bad.

So, I waited for the rejection that would come. Maybe I should have been more positive in my thoughts, but I wanted the chance to work with those areas again. The story could only get better.

The rejection came a few days ago.

For the first time, rejection didn’t crush me. I didn’t feel low or have the need to bolster that part of me that struggles with rejection. Am I growing and becoming tougher? Maybe.

There is a part of me that wants my work to be accepted even with flaws. I’m waiting for an expert to see the genius of my writing and say, ‘I just know this will be well received, and you will be famous’.

Yes, I am delusional.

The truth is my story wasn’t ready to go out into the world yet. Although it is close, the piece needs some more editing. And my ego doesn’t need the lie; the truth is preferable.

I understand there are many reasons for rejections. Sometimes it may be that this piece isn’t right for a specific market, or perhaps the story or article is too similar to something else just published. Or, the work isn’t ready and needs some more attention.

As hard as rejection can be, I believe, it can be a positive thing too. Sometimes, work isn’t ready for the world to see, no matter how much we think it is finished. The words we write are so personal that it is difficult not to take rejection badly.

The truth often hurts but can be a good thing.

I am grateful that I didn’t have to wait too long for the rejection. Now I have a chance to make the changes I want to that will make this particular piece sing.

This is a good thing.