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Reluctant Holiday Spirit

I decorated my tree this weekend, which is usually done the weekend after Thanksgiving. Finding the energy to embrace the season has been difficult at best.

I blame the lack of snow.

We’ve had nice weather this year although it’s not really conducive to having Christmas spirit.

This year we have a toddler coming to visit and a crazy kitten who lives here. This means that my normal Christmas tree, covered in fragile glass bulbs will be problematic. So, we decided to do something different this year.

My wonderful hubby built this tree:

I love the natural, rough cut wood of this tree. I even purchased a bunch of metal ornaments that would take being handled. When I went to decorate, that’s when the trouble started.

How do you decorate a tree that doesn’t have “branches” that will hold things at different levels? How to I keep the lights and ribbon in place without that? Whose idea was this anyway?

The answer: staple gun.

This was hubby’s idea and it did work. I managed to get the lights and ornaments to stay. I even pulled out the push pins to help.

It was still more difficult than I thought it would be. I do like the end result even though it looks a bit off. Lighted trees are my favorites.

Here is a final picture, complete with said kitten at the base:


She hasn’t bothered the ornaments or lights yet. Maybe we would have been safe with the other tree.