Some Days I Simply Need to Rant (But Not About What You Think)!

Some days I simply need to rant (But not over what you think it’s about)!

I think I need to rant for just a moment.

No, this rant isn’t about the current issue of mask-wearing. Although I do have to say that a piece of fabric is a small price to pay for something to fight against a virus and to help our fellow human beings, so be it. It isn’t much and even if the experts are wrong, it really isn’t a big deal.

It’s not about whether or not this pandemic is real. The number don’t lie. Too many people are affected and too many have died to deny.

My rant isn’t even about the debate of kids going back to school in the fall. I’m not even quite sure of where I stand in this matter, though I am concerned for all of the choices.

I’m not even ranting about the racial tensions still going on or about police brutality that still happens. Each of these is wrong. People should be treated as human beings, not based on the color of their skin. White privilege is real and it has little to do with money. But this isn’t the cause for my rant.

And, it is definitely not about what feels like a war beginning in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s not even about politics even though that situation has gotten uglier. And, I didn’t think that was possible.

No, my rant is about these two beautiful creatures:

This is Rufus and Ginny. They are just about a year old and I was able to rescue them last November from Cat Nap Lodge in Kalamazoo. They do great work.

Rufus has the softest fur and he is the most chill guy I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t get riled up unless he is beating up one of his sisters. He isn’t one for being held but when he wants attention he is so loud.

Ginny likes to cuddle. She is smaller than her brother but can out-eat him. She insists on being close to my face, especially if I want to sleep in. Breakfast is at 7 and she insists that it be on time. She is a bit more high strung than her brother and is quite shy.

Although they are sweet and enjoyable, they have their moments. This week, in particular, is the cause of my rant.

This Week’s Events

So far this week, I woke up to the feathers of at least two birds in my house, one was left outside. Which was so nice, except it was left right where we walk through the yard.

The carcasses of three mice have made it inside. One by their older sister, who then left it in my office for the younger ones to play with. I was with a client on that one. Rob took care of one of them and I was left with the other two.

Did I mention that I cannot stand the sight of dead mice or hurt birds? It somehow hurts my heart. The little cretans don’t seem to care about my feelings.

Did you know that toads scream? I didn’t. Not until I was woken up in the middle of the night by one screaming every time one of the cats touched it. Of course, that was only one of three that I was able to rescue from the beasts.

I think toads aren’t as much fun as mice or birds. They don’t try to escape. They seem to hold still so the cats will lose interest. And, when I rescue them they don’t seem to be hurt when I find them and carry them outside.

It’s a good thing that toads don’t scare me. I think it’s going to be a long summer.

All this only in the last five days.

When I dreamed of having another cat I must have forgotten about their propensity for hunting. And the sweet angelic faces of Ginny and Rufus made me forget that Pippa, aka Beastie, is the best hunter I’ve ever seen.

Pippa - My need to rant extends to her.
Pippa – another source of my need to rant!

I know, I know. Killing things and bring them to you is their way of taking care of you. These are little gifts the only way cats know how but there is no return to sender.

Can I blame the little’s need for killing on Pippa? No idea. I think they came with it. But I just needed to rant for a bit.

It’s been a long summer and weeks like this make it feel a bit longer. For now, I’ve curtailed their nighttime activities.

Neither of them is happy about it and I will probably pay for it in the morning, but at least I won’t wake up to surprises. And maybe I will sleep through the night, though I doubt it. Perhaps the lack of sleep is making me a bit cranky.

I hope your fur babies are keeping your life as interesting as mine are. Please tell me your stories or rants. I would love to hear about them.

Until next time,

Addendum to the rant – Just days after this series of events, Pippa was shat on by a cow (we live across the road from a farm). As with any creature who is feeling threatened she ran home. And proceeded to try to get the ensuing liquids off her back by rolling on my bed, the couch, bathroom, and both of our extra beds upstairs. She is clean now but I’ve recently found that she rubbed against the short step stool. Yes, I am still cleaning it all up.


  • Mom

    Love it! Always remember, it was YOUR choice to bring these lovelys into your home. ? Enjoy the fact that they love you????

    • Angela

      I’m trying to remember that this was my choice as I am waking up to another dead bird in my bedroom!

  • Debra COOK

    Felix and Oscar were pretty adept at hunting birds too. Russ said my bird feeder was baiting them in (sigh) and yes it was sad to find a pretty song bird dead…usually under the stairs coming into the house from the garage. Many times have also found there, mice and gophers. I must say though the quantity has slowed down over the years as now much of their day is spent napping.

    • Angela

      Yes, Pippa slowed down over the years too although she is still quite active at 6 years old. I guess I’ll just have to be patient. I’m just tired of cleaning up feathers.