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Stormy Musings

IMG_0192I apologize for the lateness of this post. My area experienced severe storms yesterday and we lost power. As we are still without power, getting a blog post out has been problematic.

I spent much of the evening sitting in the dark, or near dark, writing. Times like these are my favorite times to write. Where the only light available comes from candlelight or by oil lamp. The primal energy that moves my muse is fueled by this light. I am nearly compelled to sit in the soft glow with paper and a fountain pen.

There is a certain solitude that comes when the power goes out. A quietness unlike any other. We don’t realize just how much noise intrudes on our lives. Every single electronic device emits some type of buzz even when turned off. The silence is loud when the power goes out.

I live in a rural area, which means that power outages are a semi-common occurrence. For a brief moment, there is silence throughout my neighborhood. This is the moment in which to enjoy the silence because it doesn’t last long.

IMG_0196In the next moment, if the power is off for more than 15 minutes, noise begins again. Due to the frequent outages, many people have generators, and again, if we are without power from more than a quarter of an hour, these machines are turned on and we are surrounded by noise.
The powerful storms came through with high winds and heavy rains causing lots of broken branches and downed trees. We were relatively lucky in our tiny town. One neighbor lost part of a tree with nearly everyone else losing branches. The rain is good. We’ve needed it, between the crops, grass, and my flowers, things have been getting a bit brown. Perhaps we didn’t need so much all at once.

In between writing and sky watching from the windows, my husband and I went for a drive to see how much damage was caused by the storm. On the way back, the western sky turned golden and the sun peaked through though not enough to drive all the clouds away, causing a fabulous rainbow to appear.

The photos I took didn’t compare to the real thing. Unbroken and doubled, this one reminded me that the storm will end and we will get through. Everything will come out alright in the end.

Though we are still without power, I can see that things will be okay. The power will come back and my muse will continue to come. My life will get back to normal. It always does.

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