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How do we measure success?

Making money?

Publishing that book?

Getting that promotion?

All of these are measures of success but are they good ones? I believe that each  of us must decide what success looks like to us.

In the past year I’ve made some changes in my life. I did get a promotion at my day job and discovered another world that I am still learning to navigate. Then I returned to my writing roots and have lit a fire. Finding a balance between the two has been incredibly difficult especially given the measures for success I’ve decided upon.

Success means several things to me:

1.  Being published.

2.  Making a living as a writer.

3.  Making my life work regardless of the path I am on.

I am still working on the how but the plan is in place. Each days writing is one step closer to finding this success.

My definition of success may, and most likely will, change over time. Going with the flow has become my new motto though I struggle with it at times. It has helped as I work toward my goals to achieve my success.

Another thing that has helped is a process called visualization. This is where you see yourself going through the steps toward your ultimate goal. Successful people use it including athletes, entertainers and anyone who wants to reach for something higher.

Believing in myself is just the first step.

How do you define success? Have you envisioned your success?


  • Sarita Gibson

    So cool you found visualization?! I learned about it from this DVD called “The Secret” with all these philosophers of sorts explaining the law of attraction principal and connectiveness to the God/Universe within one’s self. I love visualization. How often do you do it? I find it really works and very well with the binaural beats as I go into Alpha state.