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Successful Blogging in a Crowded Field

blackboard-620314_1280Recently I read a blog post written by Jon Morrow of about why some bloggers are more successful than others. Mr. Morrow’s theory is that some bloggers are “dumb” or rather more successful bloggers approach their craft from a different, smarter way.

This idea is that bloggers who are successful are those who seek information all the time,  both in their niche and many others areas. They read widely on a variety of topics. The author of this particular blog post had a schedule of study. Between listening to audio books, reading nonfiction and fiction and paying attention to the world around him, he was able to approach his blogging smartly. Here is a link to the article.

I took this as a challenge. I realize that no matter how smart I am I can enhance my body of knowledge. Often, reading is the last thing on my list. I have also been known to avoid newspapers, especially local ones, because of much of the negativity that accompanies the local news. However, this keeps me unaware of what is happening in my world. I want to change this.

The last thing I read were some of Virginia Woolf’s short stories. I was able to finish these because they were short stories. Sometimes, I have the problem of beginning books or articles and never finishing them.

Here is my plan:

– To be more open to the information around me. That means reading newspapers and reading different types of blogs. I do realize that I need to be discerning but closing myself off won’t help me be more aware of the world around me.

-To read more. And my more I mean, both fiction and nonfiction, in my area of study and outside my immediate interests.

-To finish what I’ve begun whenever possible.

This challenge seems like a lot but, for me, it is part of being successful. And, since I enjoy reading it shouldn’t be too painful.

Challenge: What are you reading now?


  • Alexandria

    I agree! Though I read a lot, I could read more – particularly more current events, nonfiction, and others’ blogs. I just find it difficult to find the time to read as much as I feel I need – the information available can be so overwhelming! My mom was telling me the other day not to ever give up writing and to read as much as I can about the world we live in, so that I can express myself on matters relevant to others. In addition to my regular reading, awhile back I challenged myself to read one short story, one personal essay, and one poem a week. A suggestion from a Ray Bradbury interview. I believe he said he read one of each everyday in the beginning of his writing career. Well, I fell off, but this post encouraged me to get back on task, adding to that more blogs and news sites. Thanks for sharing!

    • AC Hoekwater

      I like Ray Bradbury’s suggestion too and though I am still working on the schedule, reading has become a priority in my life too. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Julie

    I am reading a funny little book that I got on our foray to that Luther yard sale. Which probably means AJ read it too. Title: child of the dawn. Last nite a couple of the passages made me think of you. When I am done, I will share.