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The Three’s of Life

I’m not sure how true this is but it is interesting to think about, especially since I found out this morning that an old friend of mine passed away.

For those who have been reading my posts, this is the third death of someone in my life in the past six months. Of course, this isn’t even talking about all of the celebrity deaths that have happened in recent weeks.

I don’t want to discount any of these but for this moment, I want to think about those things I am grateful for.

I was lucky to be able to spend some time this weekend with all of my kids and grandkids. We were there to celebrate a birthday. Even Great Grams got in on the action.

Who knew that zoo’s were open in winter? Not me. We visited the Detroit Zoo and had a great time.





Although it was chilly, everyone liked seeing the animals enjoying the winter sunshine. After eating at a fabulous restaurant, Onyx, we were blessed with this sunset on the way home (dirty windshield and all):



Whether bad things come in three’s or not, I chose to live looking for the good times. How we live life is the most important thing.