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Time is Always Against Us!

clock-650753_1280So, this is one of the many lines from The Matrix movie but this is the thought I’ve had all day. A day that began much too early.

For some strange reason, Pippa the kitten decided that 4:00 am was a good time for me to get up. Every so often she does this thing where she gets restless and decides she needs an audience. Maybe she was inspired by the gorgeous full moon.

I did get up and spent some time writing. With NaNoWriMo coming up quickly, I still had some planning to do. This morning I made what is called a beat sheet, which is a general list of all the scenes in my novel. Although there is a bit more to plan, I had been avoiding this seemingly overwhelming task. Now it’s done. And just in time.

The day job began bright and early and ended late with only a stolen coffee get-away in the middle. Bathroom breaks and breathing seemed optional. I welcomed the end of the day even with my ever growing to-do list.

Because there is always something that needs doing. Time is always an issue.

I made the statement today: “I’m not going to give up writing.”

There is always a choice and time is always a factor. I’ve drawn my line in the sand.

No matter what, writing comes first.

Where is your line?