And, Life Takes A Rest

I have struggled to write this post. I think this is my third version that I wrote down, the rest have been in my head.

It’s been about 6 weeks, maybe nearly two months, since I wrote a post about compassion fatigue and the struggles I was going through. I’m quite certain that I am not, and was not, the only one who struggles with that on occasion.

My life has changed in so many ways since I wrote that piece and to try to put it into words is quite difficult. Or, perhaps I am making it more difficult than it has to be.

On my drives to work in recent weeks, I’ve paid attention to the scenery. The leaves are gone and things are beginning to look drab and grey which is perfect for November.

The cool thing is that one of the last thing to lose the leaves is the tamarack pines. Which, when you think of pines, shouldn’t lose their needles. But they do. They glow, in the midst of the grey, before letting go.

Somehow, I have been holding onto this as a metaphor for this time of my life.

My life is in the midst of a transition and has been for some time. Although, it can be painful, transition is a good thing.

The Tamaracks go into a dormancy, as to all trees in this part of the world. Winter is a good time for that. It is a time to rest and restore.

Oh, The Transition

Well, I am about to jump off a cliff.

No, not really but my life is about to change.

The last couple of months have been incredibly busy. So busy, that I hardly have time for self care and so things have to change.

The changes include jobs and life in general. That means that my writing life will take front and center. That the life I’ve been dreaming of since before I began this blog may become a reality.

Of course, life doesn’t become the dream automatically. Nothing is ever perfect. But I believe in a time of rest, renewal and transition, will help be begin to create the life that I want.

I won’t guarantee that I will be able to post every week through the next several, however, my goal in January will be that things will be a bit more settled. My normal weekly posts will resume with regularity and, perhaps, that community I’ve been thinking about will begin.

Thank you for sticking through all of this. Life will always have its ups and down. We will always have to remember to ride the wave.

Until next time,


  • Amber Mackenzie

    Angela, I am so happy for you that your dreams are coming to fruition! It is scary as hell to jump off the cliff, but you are there girl! If you don’t jump you can’t fly!
    Much love sister! Best wishes as you move in to your passion!