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We Went to the Zoo

Our daughter and grandchildren live about three hours away and getting to see them very often can be difficult. We have long visits when we can, but it isn’t always feasible. We decided on a meeting in the middle to have a fun day trip.

About halfway between is the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square in Saginaw, Michigan. It’s not a large zoo and can be seen in just a couple of hours. They are a combination zoo of hands on and exhibits with a focus on preservation. It’s a good time for little ones with very short attention spans.

The zoo has a train and a carousel with a variety of animals, everything from local wildlife and farm animals to more exotic creatures like emu’s and kangaroos. Don’t forget the butterfly exhibit.

Feeding the Penguins




African Tortoise



“I’m just chillin, Memaw!”


The goats like to be scratched behind their ears.


“I like my new ride.”



Love the eagle!



My first Carousel ride!



Pure joy!


I would highly recommend a trip to the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square if you are in the middle of Michigan and need something to do for the day.  It’s inexpensive, close to home and can be done in a few hours. We finished up with lunch before heading back home.

Fabulous Day!!!!