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Wednesday Words

This may be a quick post as my week has taken a turn for being completely busy but I still wanted to check in.

Weekend Events:

This coming weekend, May 16th, for those of you in Michigan, the Michigan Writers is hosting their annual Spring Social. Here is the flyer:

May 16, 2015 Spring Social

It looks like it will be fun and a way to connect with other writers. I’ve discovered that it is truly important to make these connections, if only to not feel alone in while traveling this journey.

We will also be talking about setting up a writing group to make the connection from NaNoWriMo last for longer than November. If you are available, come on in. I can’t wait for the live music after. It should be fun.

Bookshelf Confessions

I’ve seen the challenge to post pictures of your bookshelf on Facebook so I thought I would add mine in here:





These pictures were from a day when I was rearranging and this isn’t even all of my books. I have another shelf full that I don’t have pictured. I think I have a problem.

Though messy, I also feel the most home in this place. I’m sure some of you can relate.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey. I really appreciate the support and kind words I’ve received. I am enjoying myself and learning so much.

Confession time: What does your bookshelf look like?


  • Julie

    My-oh my. I have too many bookshelves that look like your middle picture!!! And, of course, several actually on shelves…

    And you think YOU have a problem!

    Did you see the book christmas tree posted on pinterest (I tried to post it here, but I am NOT techno savvy!!) ? Anyway, I could plant a book Christmas tree farm! Retirement option?

    I have to appreciate whoever said it…”You can never have too much think time and you can never have too many books.” Oh, I think I said it.